NHL 2012 Pre-season begins

September 19, 2011 | by Bryan | posted in Uncategorized

Well it’s been only three months since our last post here on stanley cup bets. While I am not a big fan of Futures I like to wait until this time of year to make a prediction. I predicted Vancouver last year and that was close but not enough to pay.

First off I don’t think Vancouver will be in contention this year. Simply because it’s too hard to get to the finals back to back and they simply didn’t add any grit. In fact their biggest weakness being toughness they failed to improve on. I’d put money on Boston back to back before Vancouver because come the finals they’ll get thrown around again.

This bet is more for fun so I usually make a low risk bet and spread it around a few teams. So this year we will do Buffalo, Los Angeles and Philedephia

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Competitor Odds
Odds to win the 2012 Stanley Cup
All wagers have action.
Anaheim Ducks +2500
Boston Bruins +1000
Buffalo Sabres +1800
Calgary Flames +4000
Carolina Hurricanes +4500
Chicago Blackhawks +1200
Colorado Avalanche +6500
Columbus Blue Jackets +7500
Dallas Stars +4000
Detroit Red Wings +1200
Edmonton Oilers +6500
Florida Panthers +7500
Los Angeles Kings +1400
Minnesota Wild +7000
Montreal Canadiens +2500
Nashville Predators +2800
New Jersey Devils +3000
New York Islanders +8000
New York Rangers +3000
Ottawa Senators +7000
Philadelphia Flyers +1100
Phoenix Coyotes +3500
Pittsburgh Penguins +1000
San Jose Sharks +1100
St. Louis Blues +5000
Tampa Bay Lightning +1600
Toronto Maple Leafs +5000
Vancouver Canucks +700
Washington Capitals +700
Winnipeg +6000

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