Boston Vancouver Odds Game 7 2011 Stanley Cup

June 14, 2011 | by Bryan | posted in Boston Bruins, Vancouver Canucks

EA Sports predicted it and here we are in Game 7 of the Stanley Cup Finals of 2011. Series is tied at 3-3 with the Boston Bruins winning all their home games and the Vancouver Canucks winning all their home games.

The hockey has been good but Vancouver has done little to embarrass the Bruins. The Bruins on the other hand have just destroyed the Canucks on home ice, with a total of 17 goals against. Roberto Luongo has been pulled twice ( should have been 3 if Vigneault had some balls)

Only one hour after Game 7 Daniel Sedin makes the infamous “We will win Game 7” statement.
Hopefully he’s ready and didn’t take too many punches from the rat Marchand.

Vancouver is a very tough building to play in, even though the Boston Bruins are an original 6, Vancouver fans are extremely passionate and part of a new breed of fans. Boston is definitely the underdog here. Bostonians also still manage to hate women so much they can’t let a bad comment go. Apparently this twitter account is rumored is managed by a Bruins staff member.

What a classy group those Bruins are. First every American media outlet twists Luongo’s quote into him stating he’s a better goalie. Now this shit from a rookie who dubs himself the rat.

Over in the other locker room at TD Garden, someone asked Marchand why he hit Sedin. “Because I felt like it,” said Marchand, with a shrug. Was it something Sedin said?

“No, he didn’t say anything. He was just right there. He was just kind of taking it,” Marchand said, and if that doesn’t motivate the Canucks to shed their reputation for softness, nothing will.

Odds to win Game 7 of the 2011 Stanley Cup

BOS +135 +1.5(-240)
VAN -155 -1.5 (+200)
O 5 (-110) U 5 (-110)

I am going with $1550 on Vancouver Moneyline

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