Vancouver Nashville game 4 Odds May 5

May 5, 2011 | by Bryan | posted in Nashville Predators, NHL Teams, Vancouver Canucks

What a low scoring and somewhat boring series this has become. The predators are leaning heavily on their goltending. It’s really hard to watch the Canucks pepper Rinne and not be able to finish. I have been waiting for a blowout but it just hasn’t happened.

I think again Kesler will be the story. and I am confident they will win. Since I am waiting for a blowout i’ll take even if it’s by one.

“It was great,” Kesler said. “It was good to get our play going again. It’s not been struggling, but we haven’t been scoring. It’s good to get a couple and get the confidence back.”

May 5 betting slip Bodog Vancouver Nashville

May 5 betting slip Bodog Vancouver Nashville

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