Canucks Blackhawks game 7 odds April 26 2011

April 25, 2011 | by Bryan | posted in Chicago Blackhawks, Vancouver Canucks, Western Conference

Nothing worse then being a Canucks fan right now. They were riding high on a 3-0 series lead. Then they got thumped two games. Game 6 was a great game they put pressure in Chicago’s zone they also had more chance. They hit TWO posts and Burrows missed an empty netter.

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Luongo needs to dig deep. Schneider should not get the call in Game 7, he made a couple costly errors even though he did make some brilliant saves on the 5 on 3. The Sedins need to play over 25 min. The line of Kesler/Burrows/Raymond should also play a ton of minutes. Alain should also give Hodgson a bunch more ice time , maybe have him centre the third line.

The pressure is now fully on Vancouver and if this team can rise up against the Blackhawks it will ultimately turn into a great run.

It’s funny how Americans act. Specifically the Chicago columnists. I guess dealing with the Cubs for so many years really makes a city bitter. The fact is Vancouver fans are a proud bunch and believe they can win this series. There does seem to be a ghost lurking and especially against the Hawks. This is not an American/Canadian thing. One of the best Americans plays for Vancouver (Kesler) and a lot of the Chicago team is made up of British Columbians.

What I see is a country rallying to bring the cup to Canada whether its Montreal or Vancouver the entire nation is behind these two teams. Not because of the makeup of the team, just to bring the Cup home.

Canucks Blackhawks Game 7 Odds

VAN -160 -1.5 (+170)
CHI +145 +1.5(-220)

I am taking Vancouver Canucks at -160
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2 Responses to “Canucks Blackhawks game 7 odds April 26 2011”

  1. Jeff says:

    Good call on Canada behind the Canucks and Canadiens. The Blackhawks have whined their way into a 3-3 split using the Torres hit as fuel. I hope Canucks make them pay for their unsportsmanlike conduct

  2. Kyle says:

    I think its been a conbination of things which has resulted in a game 7 ‘winner move on, loser go home’ situation tonight. The Canucks can’t blame the officials, however there are some stats which Mike Gillis clearly laid out that are hard to ignore. But ultimately it’s going to come down to a few factors. Who gets off to the better start, which team capitalizes on it’s powerpower plays, and which team is more physical. I feel the goaltending won’t be as big of an issue as people think. In any case, will the Canucks organization be stained with that terrible stat looming over their heads tonight, or will the team rise up and be the heros? Because if they chose the latter, I think they’re in position for a serious cup run.

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