Game 6: Flyers vs Blackhawks Stanley Cup Final Odds

So I did not put a pick in for Game 5. This series is crazy hard to call. I am glad I didn’t because I would have put one in for Philly.

I still think that Philly has a lot of fight left.

When asked how it felt to playing in 66 Stanley Cup Playoff games, Ian Laperriere.

“I’m maybe the closest I’m going to be in my career,” he said. “I’m going to give everything I can to win it. And not because of the list; because I want to win. It’s a dream of mine since I’m a little boy. It’s the dream of everyone in this room since they’ve been little boys.””

Now it’s not like Chicago doesn’t want to win obviously they do, but the adversity that Philly has faced is bigger test to their heart.

Expect Chicago to have their top line broken up again for sure. Toews, Sharp and Buff. I hope Philly can break theirs up or just match up better because this change really made a difference for the Hawks

Statistically, only six of the past 20 teams to lose Game 5 of a Stanley Cup Final have been able to win the final two games of the series to hoist the Cup. But the sheer immensity of what faces the Flyers goes much deeper than a 70-percent failure rate

Now right now I am not saying that Philly is going to win the cup (that I will save for my next post) but this stat doesn’t talk about who wins Game 6.

I am going with Philly again on the moneyl line.

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