Game 4: Flyers vs Blackhawks Stanley Cup Final Odds

This is turning into a hard series to call. One game is a blowout with 11 goals then we get defensive game then and OT winner. Last game I put money on Philly on the puckline by 2. I lost that but I also put money on Briere,Richards or Toews scoring first. I got the Briere bet with 10/1 odds.

Every game has been decided by one goal. Even though Chicago is up 2-1 they have not completely dominated Philly. I’ve bet philly every game in this series.

Only 2 teams have overcome a 2-0 victory to raise the stanley cup, BUT only two teams had ever come back from 3-0 and Philly did this against Boston.

“I just had a feeling we were going to win tonight,” forward Daniel Briere said. “I remember driving to the rink earlier this afternoon and I just had this good feeling we’re going to win; there was absolutely no way we were going to lose this game. It was just that feeling that we were going to do anything possible to get it done.”

These kinds of “feelings” is the type of heart that wins cups. Listening to the press conferences it looks like Chicago is going to rely more on their speed and breakouts to beat philly.

Game 2 Stanley Cup Bets Free bet

I am going with Philly again on the puckline.

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