Game 1: Flyers vs Blackhawks Stanley Cup Final Odds

This is going to be a great match up. You have the 7th place team in the East playing the 2nd placed team in the West.

Let’s start with the Chicago. This team has immense talent. They are young and very fast. They are also big and can check having one of the best checking centers in the league “captain serious” Jonathan Toews and the big brute in front Dustin Byfuglien. Also have the best one-two punch on defence in Seabrook and Keith. They ran over San Jose 4-0. Destroyed the “olympic line” of Heatley, Marleu and Thornton, and gave Nabokov no chance of re-signing next year.

I believe this team can do this, but wait Philly aint to shabby either.

Philadelphia have done the impossible. They became the 3rd team in NHL history to comeback from a 3-0 deficit. This team has grit led by their captain Richards. I don’t know if “Big Buff” has had to deal with a defenseman like Chris Pronger. This is going to be a battle from start to finish. I also like Leighton’s play so far. Jeff Carter is back and Mike Richards is on fire. This team is going to be strong at both ends of the ice.

Listen to what the philly owner has to say. he’s owned the team since 1967
“I think this team is a team of destiny,” the owner proclaimed. “This team has shown more guts, more gumption, more heart than almost any team I’ve ever seen in my life, in any sport. The story of this team is unbelievable. Everything they’ve done has been incredible. You just can’t ever count ’em out.”

Game 1 Stanley Cup Bets Free bet

I will be picking Philly here on the money line.

Stanley Cup bets Odds

05-29-10 8:05 PM

Flyers (Philadelphia) Blackhawks (Chicago)
Moneyline: +170 -200
Puckline: 1.5(-175) -1.5(+155)
Total: o5.5(-135) u5.5(+115)

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