West Final Game 3 Chicago Blackhawks vs San Jose Sharks

May 21, 2010 | by Bryan | posted in Chicago Blackhawks, NHL Teams, San Jose Sharks, Western Conference

The complete opposite is happening in the West Final here the visiting team has taken the first two games. This now puts San Jose in a difficult position, even more difficult if htey lose tomorrow. The best of seven has Chicago leading 2-0.

Chicago is playing at home and NHL teams have a hard time coming back from 3-0. We know this has only happened 3 times once this year by philly. Right now San Jose is down 2-0 , this has occurred 291 time in the history of the Stanley Cup. 37 time the underdog has won or 12.7% of the time.

So what about 3-1?

Out of 229 games that a team is up 3-1 series only 20 teams or 8.7% of the time the dog has come back .

So given that San Jose is visiting then the odds are stacked against them.

West Final 2010 NHL free picks Game 3

San Jose is coming back, maybe not to win the series, but this game. They have heart remember a lot of Olympians on this team.

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