Chicago Blackhawks vs Vancouver Canucks Game 6 Stanley Cup Bets NHL Free Picks

May 11, 2010 | by Bryan | posted in Chicago Blackhawks, NHL Teams, Vancouver Canucks, Western Conference

Ok a couple days ago I said don’t follow my lead because I am betting from the heart. I accepted a loss, the team looked like they were ready to golf.

They tricked us. They did everything right and beat Chicago in their own building. Now like the Canadiens the Canucks home record is terrible , but they were 30-8-3 in the regular season.

Hopefully Salo can get back into Vancouver get his nuts rubbed and play tomorrow. He’s going to be missed since his replacement Lawrence Nycholat has averaged around 8 minutes a game where Salo was playing a solid 20 minute with his big bomb on the point.

Stanley Cup Bets NHL Free Pick

Do I have to say it again? Canucks can win it tomorrow, but other than two games against LA they haven’t given their fans anything to talk about in the series. Let’s go out on a limb and take canucks on the puckline.

Stanley Cup Bets Odds

05-11-10 9:35 PM

Blackhawks (Chicago) Canucks (Vancouver)
Moneyline: +115 -135
Puckline: 1.5(-260) -1.5(+220)
Total: o6(-110) u6(-110)

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