Chicago Blackhawks vs Vancouver Canucks Game 5 Stanley Cup Bets Odds and Recommendations

May 9, 2010 | by Bryan | posted in Chicago Blackhawks, NHL Teams, Vancouver Canucks, Western Conference

I went to this game and the canucks did a lot of things wrong here. If they want to win the series than they have to :

  1. Get better goaltending.
  2. Take the crowd out.
  3. Stop the traffic in front of the net.
  4. Production out of all the lines.
  5. Confidence on the PK. They need to be grity so penalties are going to come regardless.

All sign point to them losing this one. I heard today that Luongo shaved his beard! Shane O’Brien says they “will probably lose”

I was so pissed there where a bunch of yankees cheering the hawks on, really annoying when your team is playing the shits. This is now personal my bet is coming from the heart this time.

Stanley Cup Bets recommendations

Even though it looks like they are going to lose, I am picking Vancouver on the moneyline. This is a personal bet, if you don’t like the canucks then don’t follow me.

Stanley Cup Bets odds

Canucks (Vancouver) Blackhawks (Chicago)
Moneyline: +170 -200
Puckline: 1.5(-190) -1.5(+165)
Total: o6(-115) u6(-105)

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