Chicago Blackhawks vs Vancouver Canucks Game 4 Stanley Cup Bets Odds and Recommendations

May 7, 2010 | by Bryan | posted in Chicago Blackhawks, NHL Teams, Vancouver Canucks, Western Conference

What a terrible Game 3 for the canucks, they were manhandled and then they lost their cool. Dumb penalties and big Buffy killed the Canucks.

A.V.’s response. Move Sammuelson to the fourth line, and bench Demitra. He’s replacing Demitra with Grabner and adding Burrows to the first line again.

Even though I disagree since Samuelsson has had an incredible playoffs and he’s much bigger than Burrows, I have a lot of faith in this coach. He knows with Samuelson on a different line Chicago will have to match up differently and really who cares hes seems to produce anywhere you put him.

“Yeah, it got a bit away from us last night, a bit more than the first couple games,” Luongo said Thursday. “Maybe it did catch up to us a little bit. We have to realize what we’re playing for, and that’s to win the game and win the series. We all know that lots of times we’re involved in situations, and we’re on the wrong side of it. That’s why you want to stay out of it.

Stanley Cup Bets Recommendations

I think the Canucks will wollop the Hawks. So my pick is the Puckline on the Canucks

Stanley Cup Bets Odds

Blackhawks (Chicago) Canucks (Vancouver)
Moneyline: +110 -130
Puckline: 1.5(-290) -1.5(+235)
Total: o6(+105) u6(-125)

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