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NHL Stanley Cup Playoffs 2012 Wednesday April 11, 2012

So we are embarking now on the first round of the stanley cup playoffs of 2012.

If you haven’t already click on one of the links and open up an account and follow along.

I am going to attempt to give winners in each round since the NHL re-seeds after each round so you don’t know who you are playing until the other games finish

East Coast Matchups and Predictions Round 1

1. New York Rangers vs 8. Ottawa Senators

Winner: New York Rangers

2. Boston Bruins vs 7. Washington Capitals

Winner: Boston Bruins

3. Florida Panthers vs 6. New Jersey Devils

Winner: New Jersey Devils

4. Pittsburgh Penguins vs 5. Philadelphia Flyers

Winner: Pittsburgh Penguins

Round 2 Matchup and Predictions

1. New York Rangers vs 6. New Jersey Devils

Winner: New York Rangers

2. Boston Bruins vs. 4. Pittsburgh Penguins

Winner: Pittsburgh Penguins

East Final Matchup and Predictions

New York Rangers vs Pittsburgh Penguins

Winner: Pittsburgh Penguins

West Coast Matchup and Predictions

1. Vancouver Canucks vs 8. Los Angeles Kings

Winner: Vancouver Canucks

2. St. louis Blues vs 7. San Jose Sharks

Winner: St louis Blues

3. Phoenix Coyotes vs 6. Chicago Blackhawks

Winner: Chicago Blackhawks

4. Nashville Predators vs 5. Detroit Red Wings

Winner: Detroit Red Wings

Round 2 Matchup and Predictions

1. Vancouver Canucks vs 6. Chicago Blackhawks

Winner: Vancouver Canucks

2. St Louis Blues vs Detroit Red Wings

Winner: St louis Blues

West Final Matchup and Predictions

1. Vancouver Canucks vs St louis Blues

Winner: Vancouver Canucks
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NHL 2012 Pre-season begins

Well it’s been only three months since our last post here on stanley cup bets. While I am not a big fan of Futures I like to wait until this time of year to make a prediction. I predicted Vancouver last year and that was close but not enough to pay.

First off I don’t think Vancouver will be in contention this year. Simply because it’s too hard to get to the finals back to back and they simply didn’t add any grit. In fact their biggest weakness being toughness they failed to improve on. I’d put money on Boston back to back before Vancouver because come the finals they’ll get thrown around again.

This bet is more for fun so I usually make a low risk bet and spread it around a few teams. So this year we will do Buffalo, Los Angeles and Philedephia

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Competitor Odds
Odds to win the 2012 Stanley Cup
All wagers have action.
Anaheim Ducks +2500
Boston Bruins +1000
Buffalo Sabres +1800
Calgary Flames +4000
Carolina Hurricanes +4500
Chicago Blackhawks +1200
Colorado Avalanche +6500
Columbus Blue Jackets +7500
Dallas Stars +4000
Detroit Red Wings +1200
Edmonton Oilers +6500
Florida Panthers +7500
Los Angeles Kings +1400
Minnesota Wild +7000
Montreal Canadiens +2500
Nashville Predators +2800
New Jersey Devils +3000
New York Islanders +8000
New York Rangers +3000
Ottawa Senators +7000
Philadelphia Flyers +1100
Phoenix Coyotes +3500
Pittsburgh Penguins +1000
San Jose Sharks +1100
St. Louis Blues +5000
Tampa Bay Lightning +1600
Toronto Maple Leafs +5000
Vancouver Canucks +700
Washington Capitals +700
Winnipeg +6000

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Boston Vancouver Odds Game 7 2011 Stanley Cup

EA Sports predicted it and here we are in Game 7 of the Stanley Cup Finals of 2011. Series is tied at 3-3 with the Boston Bruins winning all their home games and the Vancouver Canucks winning all their home games.

The hockey has been good but Vancouver has done little to embarrass the Bruins. The Bruins on the other hand have just destroyed the Canucks on home ice, with a total of 17 goals against. Roberto Luongo has been pulled twice ( should have been 3 if Vigneault had some balls)

Only one hour after Game 7 Daniel Sedin makes the infamous “We will win Game 7” statement.
Hopefully he’s ready and didn’t take too many punches from the rat Marchand.

Vancouver is a very tough building to play in, even though the Boston Bruins are an original 6, Vancouver fans are extremely passionate and part of a new breed of fans. Boston is definitely the underdog here. Bostonians also still manage to hate women so much they can’t let a bad comment go. Apparently this twitter account is rumored is managed by a Bruins staff member.

What a classy group those Bruins are. First every American media outlet twists Luongo’s quote into him stating he’s a better goalie. Now this shit from a rookie who dubs himself the rat.

Over in the other locker room at TD Garden, someone asked Marchand why he hit Sedin. “Because I felt like it,” said Marchand, with a shrug. Was it something Sedin said?

“No, he didn’t say anything. He was just right there. He was just kind of taking it,” Marchand said, and if that doesn’t motivate the Canucks to shed their reputation for softness, nothing will.

Odds to win Game 7 of the 2011 Stanley Cup

BOS +135 +1.5(-240)
VAN -155 -1.5 (+200)
O 5 (-110) U 5 (-110)

I am going with $1550 on Vancouver Moneyline

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Boston Vancouver Odds Game 5 2011 Stanley Cup

This has been quite the series with Vancouver taking the first two and taking a bite out 🙂 of the Boston Bruins. Then the series moved to Boston where the Bruins embarrassed the Vezina trophy candidate with 12 goals to Vancouver’s 1.

Now the stage is set back at Vancouver. This is where the Canucks have been saying all along is the reason they worked so hard all season, and that home ice is the advantage here.

Vancouver skated this morning Boston did not. Hopefully they have a little swagger coming in as swagger tends cause a loss.

The pressure is on for the sedins and Kesler to deliver tonight let’s hope they do.

In terms of betting my money is on Vancouver on the Moneyline. Place your bet at bodog for an instant bonus through stanley cup bets

Stanley Cup Finals Boston at Vancouver Game 1 odds

On Wednesday June 1 we will see the Boston Bruins take on the Vancouver Canucks in Game 1 of the Stanley Cup Final.

Boston plays a mean physical game. They are led by Chara the leagues ultimate shutdown defensman. Vancouver have a very deep and impressive defense. Forwards on both teams match up. Goaltending (Luongo/Thomas) both teams sport some very good goaltenders. Even backups are impressive, with Rask and Schneider.

Overall it looks like a fairly evenly matched series. Only two things I see with my prediction of Vancouver Canucks hoisting the cup in 7. Canucks are much deeper and mobile defensively, this is going to keep Boston backed up and secondly the Canucks powerplay is 17 for 61 and Boston’s is 5-60. If Boston takes penalties (see Horton) they will pay.

Stanley cup final Game 1 Odds

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Boston +170 +1.5 (-190)
Vancouver -200 -1.5(+160)

Vancouver at San Jose Game 3 Odds West Final

Forget about the game lets have a look at some boobies!!!!

I am not even going to analyze this game. It’s easy money pick Vancouver on the moneyline at EVEN

Sharks Canucks Game 2 Odds West Final

The Vancouver Canucks are not Canada’s team eh? All the haters have come out of the woodwork. Do Vancouverites care? Hell no! They live in the best city in the world and when the cup comes to Vancouver it’s going to swell their heads even more. So no room on this bandwagon.

Even though the Sharks have a lot of firepower, their defense cannot contain the Canucks onslaught. The Canucks first line played very well. We finally have a series where the Sedins can move around.

The dangerous lines of the Sharks are well contained and as I said before this will be the x factor in this series.

San Jose Sharks Vancouver Canucks odds

SJS +140 +1.5 (-235)
VAN -150 +1.5(+210)

I am going to bet Vancouver on the Puckline for +210

Lightning Bruins Game 2 Odds 2011 East Final

Remember the first round where Boston lost the first two games at home to the Montreal Canadiens. I remember talking to a Habs fan and he was gloating about the canadiens taking them out in 4 after Chara’s hit at the end of the season. Well unfortunately that didn’t play out the way he wanted. Instead Boston Came back and won two in Montreal.

Patrice Bergeron was back on the ice for a full practice on Monday. This will be a big lift for the Bruins.

Tim Thomas on how his team should be playing.

Tampa Bay Lightning at Boston Bruins Game 2 Odds

TB +140 +1.5 (-230)
BOS -150 -1.5(+210)

I am going with Tampa Bay on the Moneyline again at +140

Canucks Sharks Game 1 Odds West Final

Season series: Vancouver Canucks won, 3 games and San Jose Sharks won 1

November 26,2010: San Jose Sharks 1 at Vancouver Canucks 6
January 3,2011: Vancouver Canucks 4 at San Jose Sharks 3
January 20,2011: San Jose Sharks 2 at Vancouver Canucks 1 (SO)
March 10,2011 : Vancouver Canucks 5 at San Jose Sharks 4 (SO)

Read more:

We finally see the top two teams in the west prove themselves to the league. Canucks ranked number one overall and the Sharks were second in the West. Both team put their critics to rest by not choking a 3-0 lead. Both teams are notorious for giving up. One team from Canada looking to bring the cup back to it’s rightful country, the other mostly made up of Canadians.

Vancouver San Jose Odds Game 1

San Jose +155 +1.5(-200)
Vancouver -170 -1.5(+180)

San Jose has a potent offense, running some skilled lines against it’s opposition. They also have their top performers not performing. Jeremy Roenick makes a comment about Patrick Marleau and he goes out and scores the game winner in Game 7. Vancouver has some serious production in Ryan Kesler. He’s been playing like an MVP, scoring goals never giving up and making things very difficult for the opposition. The Sedins need to break out this round. I think they can given the defense of the Sharks.

Vancouver is extremely deep here, more so than any team left. There are 13 players they used during the regular season and only one (Salo) is out. That is a luxury most teams would kill for at this time of year. San Jose has one pairing.

Niemi took Chicago to the cup last year and has a great run this year. Luongo for all it’s worth is a great goaltender, but I think San Jose has the upper hand here. The difference though is I don’t think it’s going to be as tough for Luongo so he will shine.

My pick: Vancouver on the puckline given their offense will light up the scoreboard.

Lightning Bruins Game 1 Odds 2011 East Final

Season series between the two teams Regular season series:

Tampa Bay vs Boston Odds

Tampa Bay Lightning +130 +1.5(-230)
Boston Bruins -150 -1.5(+190)

The 2011 Eastern Final Preview

Bruins won 3 games and Tampa won one.

November 22,2010: Bruins 1 at Lightning 3
December 2,2010: Lightning 1 at Boston 8
December 28,2010: Bruins 4 at Lightning 3
March 3,2011: Lightning 1 at Bruins 2

Now for the matchups.

Up front:
For Tampa Bay, Simon Gagne is expected back after missing the final three games of the Washington series after hitting his head on the ice in Game 1. What’s interesting is 18 players on Tamp have a point, 14 with goals. They have some very gifted forwards. Bostons power play is a 3 for 27. I give the slight nod offensively to Tampa.

Defensively: Tampa has played well defensively, but the opposing defense led by Chara is better. Also Pavel Kubina is out for the Lightning

Goaltending: I really like the way Roloson has played and his comments below only put more pressure on Tim Thomas.

“His numbers don’t lie, he is a great goalie,” Tampa Bay goalie Dwayne Roloson said of Thomas. “He’s the reason the Bruins are where they are. He’s one of those guys that will never quit on a puck. For us to beat him, it’s going to be a challenge.”

Take Tampa on the money line on this one. I know Boston has been playing well but I think Tampa will surprise us in game 1 and beat the oddsmakers

Sharks Red Wings Game 6 Odds

The odds were stacked against the detroit Red Wings two games ago. They were (and are) facing elimination tomorrow. Taking the puckline or canadian line doesn’t look good because every game has been decided by one goal.

So who do you choose choose?

Well we have San Jose +120 +1.5(-250) or Detroit -140 -1.5(+210).

Looking at the stats San Jose has been outshooting Detroit. I think Niemi has something to prove. He’s been here before he knows what it takes to win.

“Right now we need him to be better. It’s a simple as that. We need him to be better offensively and defensively, but again I’m talking about one individual. There are others on that line. There are a pair that are on that ice at that given time. There is a goaltender and there are a number of other people that have to pick up their play.” — Sharks coach Todd McLellan on Patrick Marleau and Antti Niemi

I also think away goalies are playing a much better game in these 2011 playoffs. I think San jose also would like to close this off and get ready for the Vancouver Canucks. So I am betting the moneyline on San Jose

Vancouver at Nashville Game 6 odds

It’s very surprising to see the Nashville predators still in and Pittsburgh and Philedelphia getting the broom in the second round of the 2011 stanley cup playoffs. Nashville has played their game. They play an excellent team defense and really frustrate their opponents. What a 2011 stanley cup playoffs Joel Ward is having. He seems like such a genuine guy.

“We have to make sure that one mistake doesn’t turn into two,” Ryan Kesler said through swollen lips prior to the Canucks boarding an airplane Sunday for the long flight to Nashville.

Vancouver has managed to disappoint their home fans on home ice twice this series. I think Vancouver has the skill and since they closed out both games in nashville,my money is on the moneyline for the canucks at -125. I’ll be placing it Here to get the best odds.

Vancouver Nashville game 4 Odds May 5

What a low scoring and somewhat boring series this has become. The predators are leaning heavily on their goltending. It’s really hard to watch the Canucks pepper Rinne and not be able to finish. I have been waiting for a blowout but it just hasn’t happened.

I think again Kesler will be the story. and I am confident they will win. Since I am waiting for a blowout i’ll take even if it’s by one.

“It was great,” Kesler said. “It was good to get our play going again. It’s not been struggling, but we haven’t been scoring. It’s good to get a couple and get the confidence back.”

May 5 betting slip Bodog Vancouver Nashville

May 5 betting slip Bodog Vancouver Nashville

Vancouver Canucks Vs Nashville Predators Game 3 Odds

What an inspirational win for Pekka Rinne err Nashville Predators. This goalie has to crack soon. The Canucks need to bring a much better games or they may find themselves behind and away from home.

Peks is playing the best he’s ever played, and I think that’s probably the biggest thing,” Suter said.

Luongo is also playing very well. The Canucks aren’t playing terrible but not the form they played against Chicago. If they bring that look for the floodgates to open.

And for Luongo …notice he’s in the same colour he’ll be donning tomorrow..

Vancouver v Nashvillle Game 3 Bets

Again go with the Puckiline for Vancouver at +250

Washington Capitals vs Tampa Bay Lighting Odds

The last two games ended in 4-2 and 3-2. Tampa won both so now they go back to Tampa Bay. The Boston Bruins did it in the first round and came back from 2-0 home losses. Tampa Bay is riding high, and boy do they have some skill on that team. Washington is no slouch but they are going on the road. Even with the game tying goal by Ovechkin late in the third, the momentum is still with Tampa. Roloson is playing as though he only has this chance left before his career is over. He’s posting a 1.90 GAA.

We want our captain to be inspiring because he’s blocking shots, because he’s winning faceoffs, because he’s backchecking, because he’s finishing his checks. It’s very rare when these star players buy into that because obviously they’ve been told their entire life that it’s all about scoring goals and making points. We put a lot of emphasis on little details that make a player a complete player. There’s a difference between a star and a winner. I rather he scores 30 goals and inspires this team than scoring 50.” — Lightning coach Guy Boucher on captain Vincent Lecavalier

I think Tampa is going to be even more pumped. I’ll take TB at +1.5 (+260).

Round 2 Canucks Predators and Boston Philedelphia 2011 Odds

We are now in the second game for the Vancouver Canucks and Nashville Predators. Also April 30 we have the Boston Bruins at the Philadelphia Flyers for game one of their series.

Vancouver played a dominating game in Game 1 April 28. Sometime pictures speak louder than words.

Now for Boston. They played a tough series with Montreal. They weathered the 2-0 deficit and came back strong. Philadelphia also has Chris Pronger back. I believe Boston can clear the net and Tim Thomas will prevail

“He’s a great goaltender and is a little bit unorthodox,” Richards said. “It’s tough to watch video on him and try to see some of his tendencies, but we’re going to do the same thing this series as we did against Ryan Miller last series. We’re going to try to get the puck to the net as much as possible and try to get tips and deflections. We’re going to shoot to score, because at any point he can come flying across.

“Until that puck crosses the line, Tim is going to battle.”

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Stanley Cup odds

BOS +110 +1.5(-270)
PHI -130 -1.5(-230)

VAN -210 -1.5(+145)
NSH +175 +1.5(-165)

My picks are a parlay with BOS +1.5, VAN -210 and for some fun add George St Pierre in UFC

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Canucks Predators game 1 odds April 28 2011



What an amazing Game on Tuesday for the Vancouver Canucks. They had a defining moment in their 40 year history.

Current odds have VAN -180 -1.5(+175) NASH +160 +1.5 (-210)

An interesting point. The team is riding a high from their win. They did not have to travel, Luongo stated this may have been better than winning Gold at the 2010 Olympics. Well he never had to play another game two days after winning gold. I wonder if they won’t be ready for this.

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Round 2 Odds 2011 Stanley Cup

What a great first round of the 2011 Stanley Cup. If you’ve been following our posts you’ll see we started a little slow but we made some great progress in the latter stages to take some wins down.

Click Here to view the latest round 2 odds.

Eastern Conference
(1) Washington Capitals vs. (5) Tampa Bay Lightning
(2) Philadelphia Flyers vs. (3) Boston Bruins

Western Conference
(1) Vancouver Canucks vs. (5) Nashville Predators
(2) San Jose Sharks vs. (3) Detroit Red Wings

I never bet series but I’ll take a stab in the dark
Tampa in 6
Boston in 7
Vancouver in 5
Detroit in 6

Only one odd available
Currently the line reads DET +115 +1.5(-260) and SJ -125 -1.5 (+240).

I will take the moneyline on Detroit. Their well rested and I believe they can beat San Jose.

Lightning Penguins odds game 7 2011 stanley cup

The betting odds for this final game 7 is set at +110 as Tampa Bay as the underdog. and -130 for Pittsburgh as the favorite at home. Now Pittsburgh did win Game 1 at home but has not had success after that. In fact Tampa thumped them on Saturday with Stamkos scoring two goals. They then went on to convincingly beat them 4-2. Marc Andre Fleury has been key to the Penguins, but Tampa has just way too much talent.

“We’ve been playing Game 7 hockey for the past two games, and we’re not about to change our attitude,” Boucher said Tuesday.

The Pens may have gotten under stamkos skin in the last game, but they’ll compose themselves nicely.
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Montreal vs Boston game 7 odds 2011 stanley cup

Current Odds for Montreal Canadiens Vs Boston Bruins for the final game of the first round of the 2011 Stanley Cup Playoffs. BOS -170 -1.5 (+175) MON +150 +1.5(-210)

Click Here to view the latest canadiens bruins game 7 odds.

We may see Milan Lucic out for this game after his hit on Spacek. This should influence your decision as to what to bet on. It will also influence the line tomorrow

So each team starting with road wins, now we have two at home wins. I guess we can say that an away win is in order?

Look to see the Canadiens score first and quickly like the Canucks in Game 7 last night. Also expect Price to stand on his head.

Game 7s are just pure adrenaline,’’ said Price. “When you step on that ice, it doesn’t really matter where you’re at. Both teams are going to be revved up and ready to go. It’s going to be the exact same, probably one-goal game, so it’s going to be fun watching.’’

With no day’s rest I think both goalies will be tired

Montreal Canadiens V Boston Bruins

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Canucks Blackhawks game 7 odds April 26 2011

Nothing worse then being a Canucks fan right now. They were riding high on a 3-0 series lead. Then they got thumped two games. Game 6 was a great game they put pressure in Chicago’s zone they also had more chance. They hit TWO posts and Burrows missed an empty netter.

Click Here to view the latest blackhawks canucks game 7 odds.

Luongo needs to dig deep. Schneider should not get the call in Game 7, he made a couple costly errors even though he did make some brilliant saves on the 5 on 3. The Sedins need to play over 25 min. The line of Kesler/Burrows/Raymond should also play a ton of minutes. Alain should also give Hodgson a bunch more ice time , maybe have him centre the third line.

The pressure is now fully on Vancouver and if this team can rise up against the Blackhawks it will ultimately turn into a great run.

It’s funny how Americans act. Specifically the Chicago columnists. I guess dealing with the Cubs for so many years really makes a city bitter. The fact is Vancouver fans are a proud bunch and believe they can win this series. There does seem to be a ghost lurking and especially against the Hawks. This is not an American/Canadian thing. One of the best Americans plays for Vancouver (Kesler) and a lot of the Chicago team is made up of British Columbians.

What I see is a country rallying to bring the cup to Canada whether its Montreal or Vancouver the entire nation is behind these two teams. Not because of the makeup of the team, just to bring the Cup home.

Canucks Blackhawks Game 7 Odds

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Sabres V Flyers Game 7 April 26 2011

The Philadelphia Flyers have come back to force a Game 7 in Philly against the Buffalo Sabres. I never thought the Sabres would still be around instead I thought the would get pounded by the 2010 Eastern Conference Champions.

odds on flyers vs sabres game 7

Game 7 is where Philly is at its best, especially with pronger back I think they are destined to oust the Sabres

“Coming back from two and three goals in the National Hockey League is not an easy thing to do,” Flyers head coach Peter Laviolette said after the game. “It’s a difficult thing to do; most of the time you cave. When you have to do it in back-to-back games, it becomes extraordinary. I can’t tell you how impressed I am with the resiliency, not just today but because we had to do it two days in a row. The last game didn’t go our way, but today it did. We don’t catch a break last game but today we did and because of it we’re still playing.”

Sabres at Flyers Betting Odds

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BRUINS at CANADIENS Game 6 April 26 2011

This series has been a roller coaster. After game 2 I thought the Canadiens had this all wrapped up just at least one win at home and they have it. Unfortunately this is hockey and anything can happen (look at the Vancouver/Chicago series). Th blood between these two has spilled into cyberspace.

“Timmy Thomas made some great saves; Carey made some great saves,” forward Mathieu Darche said after Game 5. “It was (one of) the lower-scoring games of the series, but it is probably the game with the most chances, both sides. We have to build on the positive. Every game in the playoffs is a learning experience and we have to think about Game 6.”

Oddsmakers have this game at EVEN, but Montreal favored on the puckline

Boston vs Montreal Betting odds

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San Jose Sharks vs. Los Angeles Kings Game 6 April 25 2011

The Kings are hoping to force a Game 7 with the Sharks on Monday night. The sharks have had 15 goals in game 1,3,4 in this series and are showing their true offensive prowess.

Tonight they head into LA with a 3-2 series lead and are looking to close this one out. Big story is Niemi was chased in Game 5 but Nittamaki did surprisingly well to quell the kings offense. The Sharks however peppered quick with 51 shots in a 3-1 loss.

“We needed him here tonight. There’s no question. They were going to come out with emotion, with energy,” said Murray about Quick’s ability to stave off the San Jose attack in Game 5. “[The Sharks] were going to put a lot of pucks to the net, to close this series out, and at the end of the day, he’s the difference.”

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Pittsburgh Penguins vs. Tampa Bay Lightning Game 6 April 25,2011

Pittsburgh leads this series 3-2 but after an 8-2 thumping last game it looks like the Lightning are back. They started to show us they are team full of talent and they’re big guys are delivering. The series now goes back to Tampa and with Stamkos, Gagne and St Louis firing it looks to be a good game.

“This kid has figured out what the playoffs are all about,” Lightning coach Guy Boucher said of Stamkos. “I knew at some point he would because he’s got character. I was just hoping it was this year.”
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Vancouver Canucks V Chicago Blackhawks Game 6 April 24,2011

The Canucks are really showing us how to choke. It’s not so bad that they have lost the last two games what’s brutal is they have had they’re ass handed to them. 7-2 and a 5-0 defeat. I have to say it’s not so much the team (Chicago) that is beating us but more like the coaching.

Alain Vigneault made a serious error in judgment when he started the Luongo in he third after that debacle in game 4. Then in Game 5 he still didn’t pull him at the right time. I am not saying this is Luongo’s fault but when a team doesn’t come together you have to do something. Alain has already said he’s starting Luongo again. This is bad for vancouver this bad for Luongo and this will eventually get a coach fired.

“Roberto is the guy,” Vigneault said Friday. “He’s been there in great times for us and we expect him to play real well.”

The problem here is there is way too much pressure on the goalie right now so all Chicago has to do is get a little traffic and shoot and they’ll chase him. This is not about if Luongo is good or not this is simply too much pressure.

They’ve got momentum on their side right now, but all year long this group has been accountable, our leadership guys,” Vigneault said. “Each and every player in that room is a good leader and they’ve responded. (Thursday) we didn’t have the response we wanted, but I’ve got a lot of confidence in our guys and it’s up to us to go out and prove it.”

Sorry Vigneault stop relying on the team to wake up and shake them up. If this series gets away from you start looking for a new job.

Vancouver Canucks v Chicago Blackhawks

VAN +105 +1.5(-280)
CHI -125 -1.5(+240)

Regretfully taking the Chicago Blackhawks on the puckline for $240

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Montreal Canadiens Vs Boston Bruins Game 5 April 23 2011

This is another really interesting series, no team has won at home. I really thought Montreal would take the two at home given how good they have played also how difficult it is for Boston to play there. Interestingly another stat is that Boston is yet to score on the powerplay.

“Throughout the season, we’ve had some games where we’ve learned that getting away from (the system) doesn’t help,” Boston forward Shawn Thornton said. “The discipline through all 20 guys, and the coaching staff really emphasizing that you don’t need to go out and do something all on your own, just stick with it, stick with it, and it ended up paying off.”

Betting Tips Montreal v Boston Game 2

Oddsmakers have the MON +165 +1.5(-190) and BOS -190 -1.5(+165)

Given how red hot Cammellari is I am going with Montreal on the moneyline at +165

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Game 5: Tampa Bay v Pittsburgh April 23 2011 Stanley Cup Playoffs

The Tampa Bay Lighting are finding themselves facing elimination away from home with the penguins taking both games in Tampa with a final score of 3-2. What a disappointment the Lightning have been. Here the penguins are missing their best players in Malkin and Crosby and the Lightning are stacked with the likes of Stamkos and St Louis. The penguins are getting some major production out of their fourth line and Fluery has also shown us some world class goaltending. The Lightning truly disappointed at home but I don’t see them losing out tomorrow night. They will play with some desperation and will win Saturday April 23.

Betting Odds for April 23 Lightning v Penguins.

TB is the underdog with +130 +1.5 (-240)
PIT is the favorite at -150 -1.5(+200)

I put my bet in on TB on the Moneyline at +130. Click Here to place your bet with Bodog and earn a 10% bonus on your first deposit

Chicago Blackhawks V Vancouver Canucks Game 5 April 21 2011

We are now through the first 4 games of the first round between the Vancouver Chicago series. Oddsmakers have put the the canucks as the favorite or even money in every single game. Chicago players have been using the media to bring light to the fact that Vancouver is notorious for choking. They then went ahead and proved it in Game 4 with a 7-2 beating.

Given Vancouver’s past playoff performance (especially against Chicago) Vancouver is in a must win situation. Losing tonight will send them back to the madhouse.

“Not only did we need a win, but it was great to win big and prove a point,” Hawks captain Jonathan Toews said after Game 4. “We wanted to go out there and play for each other and everything finally snowballed in our favor. It gives us a lot of confidence going into Game 5. We’re not looking forward to Game 6 or Game 7. The pressure is on them.”

Remember Vancouver was thumped at home 7-2 earlier in the season. The next time Chicago came to town it was a different story.

Betting Tips for Game 5

Take the Moneyline at +210 on Vancouver.

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2011 Stanley Cup Round 1 Betting Picks

So the Stanley Cup schedule is out The NHL could not have asked for more when it comes to first round match-ups. The best match up by far is the Chicago Blackhawks Vs. Vancouver Canucks.

Eastern Conference Matchups

1.Washington Capitals vs. 8. New York Rangers
2. Philadelphia Flyers vs. 7. Buffalo Sabres
3. Boston Bruins vs. 6. Montreal Canadiens
4. Pittsburgh Penguins vs. 5. Tampa Bay Lightning

Western Conference Matchups

1. Vancouver Canucks vs. 8. Chicago Blackhawks
2. San Jose Sharks vs. 7. Los Angeles Kings
3. Detroit Red Wings vs. 6. Phoenix Coyotes
4. Anaheim Ducks vs. 5. Nashville Predators

Before the puck drops let’s take a look at some matchups of interest to the betting community.

Vancouver Canucks v Chicago Blackhawks

The Canucks have lost 2 years in a row to their nemesis the Blackhawks. Both teams have a large fan base so games in each barn will be nerve racking for the visiting team if they cannot silence the crowd. Vancouver made some key upgrades which helped win their first President’s trophy in franchise history. One key element was Manny Malhotra who is out for the playoffs with an eye injury. This will hurt the team but their biggest upgrade came at the blueline. There is not a team deeper than the canucks in this area. Like all sports defense wins championships. If the odds are good for bettors I’ll be taking Vancouver the first game at home.

“We have two good goalies that are both playing extremely well,” Daniel told earlier in the season, referring to Roberto Luongo and Cory Schneider. “I think we’ve become a better defensive team, too. We don’t give up as many chances, and we still have that offensive mindset when we get the puck. We have a lot of good offensive players both on the back end and up front. I think that’s what makes us good. We can play well in all areas of the game.”

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Game 6: Flyers vs Blackhawks Stanley Cup Final Odds

So I did not put a pick in for Game 5. This series is crazy hard to call. I am glad I didn’t because I would have put one in for Philly.

I still think that Philly has a lot of fight left.

When asked how it felt to playing in 66 Stanley Cup Playoff games, Ian Laperriere.

“I’m maybe the closest I’m going to be in my career,” he said. “I’m going to give everything I can to win it. And not because of the list; because I want to win. It’s a dream of mine since I’m a little boy. It’s the dream of everyone in this room since they’ve been little boys.””

Now it’s not like Chicago doesn’t want to win obviously they do, but the adversity that Philly has faced is bigger test to their heart.

Expect Chicago to have their top line broken up again for sure. Toews, Sharp and Buff. I hope Philly can break theirs up or just match up better because this change really made a difference for the Hawks

Statistically, only six of the past 20 teams to lose Game 5 of a Stanley Cup Final have been able to win the final two games of the series to hoist the Cup. But the sheer immensity of what faces the Flyers goes much deeper than a 70-percent failure rate

Now right now I am not saying that Philly is going to win the cup (that I will save for my next post) but this stat doesn’t talk about who wins Game 6.

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Game 4: Flyers vs Blackhawks Stanley Cup Final Odds

This is turning into a hard series to call. One game is a blowout with 11 goals then we get defensive game then and OT winner. Last game I put money on Philly on the puckline by 2. I lost that but I also put money on Briere,Richards or Toews scoring first. I got the Briere bet with 10/1 odds.

Every game has been decided by one goal. Even though Chicago is up 2-1 they have not completely dominated Philly. I’ve bet philly every game in this series.

Only 2 teams have overcome a 2-0 victory to raise the stanley cup, BUT only two teams had ever come back from 3-0 and Philly did this against Boston.

“I just had a feeling we were going to win tonight,” forward Daniel Briere said. “I remember driving to the rink earlier this afternoon and I just had this good feeling we’re going to win; there was absolutely no way we were going to lose this game. It was just that feeling that we were going to do anything possible to get it done.”

These kinds of “feelings” is the type of heart that wins cups. Listening to the press conferences it looks like Chicago is going to rely more on their speed and breakouts to beat philly.

Game 2 Stanley Cup Bets Free bet

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Game 3: Flyers vs Blackhawks Stanley Cup Final Odds

Just like the first game I wished I put a prop bet on 3 or more goals , this time I did call no goals in the first period. Didn’t help that I also bet on Philadelphia and lost my main wager.

I thought that philly would take one goal away from Chicago in their house, but here we are going into game 3 and Chicago has a commanding 2-0 lead in this series.

The flyers are 7-1 during the playoffs at Wachovia center, however chicago has also won seven in a row on the road.

This next game will be really tough to call. Like I said Philly added a defense men last game. I thought Boucher would be in but it didn’t happen. Now I think its time for a goalie change. Though Leighton didn’t play terrible he didn’t have the game changing saves like Niemi did.

Game 2 Stanley Cup Bets Free bet

I am going with Philly again.

Stanley Cup bets Odds

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Game 2: Flyers vs Blackhawks Stanley Cup Final Odds

Chicago celebrates game 1 win against the philedeplhia flyers

Troy Brouwer;Niklas Hjalmarsson;Brent Sopel

What a crazy game, I wish I bet on 3 or more goals on the props bet. Sportbooks usually offer some good money on these type of bets.

Both first lines were a combined -16. -7 for philly and -9 for chicago.

Both coaches are great, but i really like Peter Laviolette’s comment to the media when asked about the “controversial” non-call on the last goal.

“If a puck hits a player on the bench it should be whistled down,” he said. “But that’s neither here nor there. They scored.”

He’s sending a message to the team that there is no use crying over it and don’t let the media exaggerate it.

Philly played good defensively and I heard Pronger say something like “Offense doesn’t win cups defense does and we will be tightening it up.” Look to see some leadership from Pronger here in Game 2. This game had the entire Chicago defense with a +rating or even, while Pronger +2 Carle even and the rest a – rating. This needs to change for Philly if they want to win next game.

I’d like to get a feel over the next day. I believe Boucher will be in net for Game 2. There may also be a change in defense Oskars Bartulis possibly?

I don’t think Big Buff will move back to defense, Chicago did a better job here and buff kept Pronger busy.

Even without the top lines scoring the game was high scoring, but in the end it was only one goal that decided it.

Game 2 Stanley Cup Bets Free bet

Coming soon

Stanley Cup bets Odds

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Game 1: Flyers vs Blackhawks Stanley Cup Final Odds

This is going to be a great match up. You have the 7th place team in the East playing the 2nd placed team in the West.

Let’s start with the Chicago. This team has immense talent. They are young and very fast. They are also big and can check having one of the best checking centers in the league “captain serious” Jonathan Toews and the big brute in front Dustin Byfuglien. Also have the best one-two punch on defence in Seabrook and Keith. They ran over San Jose 4-0. Destroyed the “olympic line” of Heatley, Marleu and Thornton, and gave Nabokov no chance of re-signing next year.

I believe this team can do this, but wait Philly aint to shabby either.

Philadelphia have done the impossible. They became the 3rd team in NHL history to comeback from a 3-0 deficit. This team has grit led by their captain Richards. I don’t know if “Big Buff” has had to deal with a defenseman like Chris Pronger. This is going to be a battle from start to finish. I also like Leighton’s play so far. Jeff Carter is back and Mike Richards is on fire. This team is going to be strong at both ends of the ice.

Listen to what the philly owner has to say. he’s owned the team since 1967
“I think this team is a team of destiny,” the owner proclaimed. “This team has shown more guts, more gumption, more heart than almost any team I’ve ever seen in my life, in any sport. The story of this team is unbelievable. Everything they’ve done has been incredible. You just can’t ever count ’em out.”

Game 1 Stanley Cup Bets Free bet

I will be picking Philly here on the money line.

Stanley Cup bets Odds

05-29-10 8:05 PM

Flyers (Philadelphia) Blackhawks (Chicago)
Moneyline: +170 -200
Puckline: 1.5(-175) -1.5(+155)
Total: o5.5(-135) u5.5(+115)

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West Final Game 3 Chicago Blackhawks vs San Jose Sharks

The complete opposite is happening in the West Final here the visiting team has taken the first two games. This now puts San Jose in a difficult position, even more difficult if htey lose tomorrow. The best of seven has Chicago leading 2-0.

Chicago is playing at home and NHL teams have a hard time coming back from 3-0. We know this has only happened 3 times once this year by philly. Right now San Jose is down 2-0 , this has occurred 291 time in the history of the Stanley Cup. 37 time the underdog has won or 12.7% of the time.

So what about 3-1?

Out of 229 games that a team is up 3-1 series only 20 teams or 8.7% of the time the dog has come back .

So given that San Jose is visiting then the odds are stacked against them.

West Final 2010 NHL free picks Game 3

San Jose is coming back, maybe not to win the series, but this game. They have heart remember a lot of Olympians on this team.

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East Final Game 3 Montreal Canadiens vs Philadelphia Flyers

Oh my what is going on in Montreal? Two losses in Philadelphia and both by shutout. Even though they have come back from deficits in previous series, they have not been dominated like they have been in this series so far.

Phillies PK is perfect (Montreal hasn’t scored duh!), their power play is 4 for 10, but Montreal HAS to win here. That type of desperation and at home should fuel some goal scoring.

Stanley Cup Bets NHL Free picks

Montreal needs to be desperate and if they are going to win it has to be in this game. Coming back 3-0 can be done as philly did but twice in one year is a big stretch.
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East Final Game 2 Montreal Canadiens vs Philadelphia Flyers

Photo by Jim McIsaac/Getty Images

Stanley Cup Bets Eastern Final Game 2

Montreal has lost the first game in the last two rounds. This time they were out shot and out played. They didn’t play a team game

“I think tonight we didn’t play a team game,” Montreal coach Jacques Martin said in bluntly assessing his team’s performance. “We played an individual game, and you can’t be successful that way.”

Simon Gagne had another great game with 4 shots.

Jaraslov Halak has rebounded from every game that he’s been pulled from.

Ian Laperriere is cleared and ready for contact and Jeff Carter is on the road to recovery. All bads news for Montreal

Stanley Cup bets NHL Free Bets

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West Final Game 2 Chicago Blackhawks vs San Jose Sharks

Photo by Jed Jacobsohn/Getty Image

Stanley Cup Bets Western Final Game 2

It’s obvious Antti Niemi stopping 44 shots is a huge reason for the Chicago win. Chicago also had production from their top line in this one. They seemed to do everything right.

San Jose still played a good game and sometimes you run into a hot goalie and it wears you down as a team. San Jose had shots from their big guys and didn’t take one penalty the entire game. they just couldn’t beat Niemi.

I think the sharks are going to go back to the tapes and will find a weakness in this goalie.

Stanley Cup bets NHL Free Bets

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Stanley Cup bets Round 2 review

I didn’t post any NHL free bets for the first game because:

  1. I think the teams are so close and it’s worth it to wait until the second game
  2. I was still licking my wounds from the Vancouver series
  3. I was plain lazy.

I did however bet on Montreal through Bodog for fun and lost.

I’m currently down $10, but I’ve also wagered almost every game in the second round.
Stay tuned for my NHL free picks for round three.

Pittsburgh Penguins vs Montreal Canadiens Game 7 Stanley Cup Bets Free NHL picks

Since Vancouver went out last night and the only canadian team left is Montrea, you can’t help but feel for our great nation.

This team impresses me, they are playing through injuries and like a team. It’s not about individuals it’s about teamwork and heart.

Stanley Cup bets NHL picks game 7

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Boston Bruins vs Philadelphia Flyers Game 6 Stanley Cup Bets Odds and Recommendations

Boucher is out. Leighton saved 14 shots to share the shutout.

“I thought the (Game 4 victory) got us into the series,” Flyers coach Peter Laviolette said. “I thought (Game 5) may have been our best game of the series both offensively and defensively. Like I said, the players aren’t going to go quietly and their making something of it. They deserve the credit because I thought they played a terrific game (Monday).”

Stanley Cup Bets Free NHL picks

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Chicago Blackhawks vs Vancouver Canucks Game 6 Stanley Cup Bets NHL Free Picks

Ok a couple days ago I said don’t follow my lead because I am betting from the heart. I accepted a loss, the team looked like they were ready to golf.

They tricked us. They did everything right and beat Chicago in their own building. Now like the Canadiens the Canucks home record is terrible , but they were 30-8-3 in the regular season.

Hopefully Salo can get back into Vancouver get his nuts rubbed and play tomorrow. He’s going to be missed since his replacement Lawrence Nycholat has averaged around 8 minutes a game where Salo was playing a solid 20 minute with his big bomb on the point.

Stanley Cup Bets NHL Free Pick

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Pittsburgh Penguins vs Montreal Canadiens Game 6 Stanley Cup Bets Odds and Recommendations

Well one more win for the defending stanley cup champions and they are off to the Eastern Conference finals

Montreal looks to have lost Hal Gill. This is significant for their defense, but so was Markov’s loss. I know Montreal’s home record is pretty sloppy but this is Game 6 and possibly their last game. The stadium is going to be crazy. Halak having a good game and the habs getting the first goal are a recipe for a win.

If you don’t think that Montreal can take this then don’t waste your money on Pittsburgh just leave this bet alone

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Boston Bruins vs Philadelphia Flyers Game 5 Stanley Cup Bets Odds and Recommendations

I’ve learned that the puck line is a bad bet in this series every game has been close and decided by one goal.

It’s tempting to choose Philadelphia in this because they were such a Cinderella story. Now with Gagne back and a big OT win it looks like they have momentum.

Simply put only two teams have ever come back from 3-0 and the last one was in 1972. Also Philadelphia hasn’t won a playoff game since 1976 in Boston.

Stanley Cup bets Recommendations

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Chicago Blackhawks vs Vancouver Canucks Game 5 Stanley Cup Bets Odds and Recommendations

I went to this game and the canucks did a lot of things wrong here. If they want to win the series than they have to :

  1. Get better goaltending.
  2. Take the crowd out.
  3. Stop the traffic in front of the net.
  4. Production out of all the lines.
  5. Confidence on the PK. They need to be grity so penalties are going to come regardless.

All sign point to them losing this one. I heard today that Luongo shaved his beard! Shane O’Brien says they “will probably lose”

I was so pissed there where a bunch of yankees cheering the hawks on, really annoying when your team is playing the shits. This is now personal my bet is coming from the heart this time.

Stanley Cup Bets recommendations

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San Jose Sharks vs Detroit Red Wings Game 5 Stanley Cup Bets Odds and Recommendations

Nabokov was pulled in the first period after he let in 5 of 9 shots. The reaction from his teammates is that it was clearly not his fault. He remained calm and wasn’t about to blame them for any of the goals.

“There’s no blame,” Sharks captain Rob Blake said. “The whole team was bad. It wasn’t one guy. We were all bad in the first (period).

Stanley Cup Bets Recommendations

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Chicago Blackhawks vs Vancouver Canucks Game 4 Stanley Cup Bets Odds and Recommendations

What a terrible Game 3 for the canucks, they were manhandled and then they lost their cool. Dumb penalties and big Buffy killed the Canucks.

A.V.’s response. Move Sammuelson to the fourth line, and bench Demitra. He’s replacing Demitra with Grabner and adding Burrows to the first line again.

Even though I disagree since Samuelsson has had an incredible playoffs and he’s much bigger than Burrows, I have a lot of faith in this coach. He knows with Samuelson on a different line Chicago will have to match up differently and really who cares hes seems to produce anywhere you put him.

“Yeah, it got a bit away from us last night, a bit more than the first couple games,” Luongo said Thursday. “Maybe it did catch up to us a little bit. We have to realize what we’re playing for, and that’s to win the game and win the series. We all know that lots of times we’re involved in situations, and we’re on the wrong side of it. That’s why you want to stay out of it.

Stanley Cup Bets Recommendations

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Boston Bruins vs Philadelphia Flyers Game 4 Stanley Cup Bets Odds and Recommendations

Philly is doing everything they can possibly do to win this series, but they are just not getting the winners in this game. Each game has been decided by one goal and they are just getting over powered by the Boston Bruins. The Bruins are getting scoring from everywhere they are hitting well and their goaltending is superb.

“For whatever reason, we haven’t gotten the results and you don’t want to pin it all on bad breaks, but last night we didn’t get the breaks,” Flyers goalie Brian Boucher said. “But that’s the way it goes sometimes. You have to make your own opportunities and I think it’s a matter of sticking with the game plan here and taking the same approach as we did (Wednesday night) and get one win — get one and go from there.”

Stanley Cup Bets Recommendations

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San Jose Sharks vs Detroit Red Wings Game 4 Stanley Cup Bets Odds and Recommendations

The Detroit Red Wings played very well during the first two periods. The big guns for San Jose Came out in the end and won this in overtime to take a 3-0 lead in the series.

The wings are a tough team and won’t go away very easily, but the have to stay out of the box.

The Wings were penalized six times in Game 3. In Game 2 in San Jose, they gave the Sharks 10 power plays. San Jose has had 20 power plays in the series to 11 for the Wings.

Wings had the majority of their shots (17 of 35) in the first while the sharks had the majority in the third (12 of 33).

Stanley Cup Bets Recommendations

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